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Stainless Steel Fastners












Nuts, Bolt, Screw, Rivets, Washers & all type of Fasteners...Etc

Hex head screws.

Hexagon socket cap screws.

Hex socket countersunk screws.

Button head socket screws

Hexagon socket set screws cone point-cup point.

Cup square (carriage bolts).

Slotted cheese head machine screws.

Slotted pan head machine screws.

Slotted countersunk head machine screws.

Slotted raised countersunk head machine screws

Cross recessed countersunk machine screws

Collar combination philips pan head machine self tapping screws

Cross recessed pan head machine screws.

Hexagon head tapping screws type ab.

Slot pan tapping screws type ab and b.

Slot countersunk tapping screws type ab and b.

Serrated lock washers.

Slot raised/ countersunk tapping screws type ab.

Cross recessed pan head tapping screws type ab and b.

Cross recessed csk tapping screws type as and b

Cross recessed raised /csk tapping screws type ab and b.

Hex head bolts.

Raised/countersunk wood screws slotted and cross recessed.

Countersunk wood screws slotted and cross recessed.

Round head wood screws slotted and cross recessed

Hexagon head wood screws

Hexagon fullnuts

Hexagon thin nuts (locknut).

Nylon insert self locking nuts.

Spring washer

Plain washers

Threaded rods.

Range : M10 TO M100 , 3/8h UNC TILL 4h UN8 LENGTH UPTO 5 METERS

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